we still want paper maps

what to do with the paper maps. paper doesnt really lend itself to versatility in todays world of navigation. but theres plenty of beauty in this aging art form that its lost in a world of digital functionality.

heres one way to use them

well done Matthew Cusick


moody weather

Landscapes by Mitch Dobrowner

thanks to Le Zebre

smug or bored?

Hasegawa Yosuke has tried to cheer up various heads of government with silly hats. Lots more here..

He does books and exhibitions too..

thanks to my modern metropolis..

trying to run away from lava in swim fins..

Hyperbole and a half certainly has a wealth of prize comedy anecdotes, and an account of moving two dogs across several states is among the very best..

ta helen

time for the ladies…

courtesy of this exceptional site of the dear leader looking at things.

Fast, helluva find.

read it THEN fold it

still not happiness

Due Back

“Ok, I have to go now Dwayne… I’m due back on the planet earth”

– Alvy Singer

A picture of light on the wall

Abelardo Morell employs the simple camera obscura technique using an entire room.. how often does a photographer operate inside the camera??

the functional fox

Matt La’Mont has been very busy creating all sorts of very cool graphics including an A-Z of animals.

hes particularly good at tigers..